Management Team




A graduate of University of Texas with a Doctor in Philosophy in Civil Engineering, Moyeen has been practicing for over 34 years and brings a wealth of structural engineering experience to the firm. He has led many award winning projects. His ability to break down complex problems into simple solutions is an asset which is highly regarded by his peers and clients alike.

A passionate advocate of education, Moyeen has 18 years of experience teaching advanced engineering classes at Rice University. His mentoring skills have enabled him hone the life skills of the many during his tenure at Rice and Matrix. Away from his day to day activities, he is also involved in youth programs which promote leadership skills and lend support to students who are seeking betterment in their quest for higher education.

Moyeen is currently the Board Chairman and President of Matrix Structural Engineers and leads the firm’s strategic positioning in the market.



Executive Vice-President

Jay holds a Master Degree in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University, where he was involved in wind engineering research. He joined the firm as a Principal in 1999 and has been practicing engineering for over 37 years. In addition, he manages the firm’s production assets.

His interests include green initiatives as it pertains to the building industry and leveraging technology in project execution and delivery.

In 2003, he was inducted into the Civil Engineering Academy at Texas Tech University, an honor celebrating and recognizing the professional achievements and public service of former graduates.



Alan joined the firm in 2009 and became a principal with the firm in 2013. He brings with him a wealth of experience in various types of structures including mid-rise and high-rise buildings. His interests include the design of buildings in high seismic areas.

He currently manages the firm multi-story projects and takes an active role in mentoring new graduates.

Alan’s education includes a Master of Science in Space Operations from the Air Force Institute of Technology as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas.




Travis provides production management for the team and is currently responsible for the organization of the company’s workflow. Travis brings a strong combination of technical and leadership experience to the firm and mentors young graduates.

Travis manages a wide array of projects and enjoys the challenge of tackling new and unique designs. Some of his notable projects include: River Oaks Baptist School, The Golden Nugget, and River Pointe Church’s Missouri City Campus.




Khalil oversees the technical engineering resources for the firm, streamlining of engineering designs, and employee training. 

Khalil enjoys complex and creative designs and brings extensive forensic engineering experience to his new role. He has managed a wide variety of new construction projects including educational facilities, retail, office, residential, and municipal buildings. 

Khalil has been an integral part of the River Oaks District, Texas Southern University Library and Learning Center, Milby High School projects.